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‘If you are in any position, it means that you had a reason to open it and you need to keep it until this reason disappears. Do not take profits from the market just for profit. It is necessary to have a trading strategy, to know how it works, and to follow it steadily.’

For successful trading, follow the golden rules of trade:

Always use a trading plan and stick to it especially in emergency situations. While you are new to this business, forget about rash, spontaneous decisions

Online trading is only profitable when traders take this seriously and conduct their research on market analytics.

Always use stop loss. Stop-loss is a direct request from you to the broker to close the transaction when the price reaches a certain level of growth or fall.

Trade only high volume stocks. In stocks with low volume, the volatility is too high, and the probability of a failure to complete the Stop Loss limit is too high.

Periodically withdraw some of your profits.

Put part of the profits on a separate account. This is necessary for long-term market stability.

Explore the market. Keep track of all events, updates, you should be aware of all important events.

Take risks only by what you can afford to lose. Then in case of failure you will not lose all the savings.

Achievements of AdamantFX

AdamantFX provides many innovative tools and developments for its clients, for example, such as MetaTrader 4. The MetaTrader 4 platform, designed for both novice traders and professionals, works quickly and efficiently, and is ideal for any type of trading.

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The Power oThe company offers the most convenient platform MetaTrader 4 that is designed for beginners and professionals. It works quickly and efficiently and is perfect for any type of trade

About markets

AdamantFX offers a wide range of markets such as: Forex, stocks, indices and the commodity market. One of the goals of traders is to understand and predict the price maneuver of the market, which is affected by the law of supply and demand, as well as market conditions.


The strategies of trading CFD

Traders are increasingly using CFDs for their investments, as they have an optimal balance of risk and potential return. Traders are also attracted by the safety and transparency of trading operations, a large selection of underlying assets, the ability to manage risks and other advantages.

This is one of the trading strategies for investors who are very optimistic about asset prices. Buying assets can be a great way to unlock upside potential with limited downside risk. Long-term strategy is the most basic of all trading strategies. It is relatively easy to understand. When you buy, it means that you are optimistic about this or that asset and expect growth in the future. Each long-term position requires a monthly transfer and compliance with adequate money mangement.

Short-term trading strategy is the easiest system for CFD trading. A trader takes a short position, opening a deal to sell an asset at a certain price. In this case, the speculator receives income if, in the next certain period of time, the price of a trading instrument fell during the opening of a transaction.

With this strategy, the trader has the ability to simultaneously purchase CFDs on one asset when selling another. Such tools should be similar in nature to the movement. A trader significantly reduces risks if the selected assets are affected by the same factors. In case of losses on positions on one contact, you can make a profit by changing the prices of both assets, which may differ. It will be relevant to use the calendar spread, during which the speculator concludes counter transactions on the same asset, but in different months.

In many cases, traders use open market transactions. In such cases, you can open the opposite direction position, which allows you to close part of the transaction or completely block it with the opposite position. Hedging transactions are usually carried out in situations of increased risk.

Instructions for beginners


Do not rush to trade

Do not worry that while trading on a demo account without real money, you can miss the once-in-a-lifetime traffic. You lose nothing by investing your time in education and training.


Do not trade for no reason

Take risks with your money only when you see facts confirming the availability for trading.


Keep a transaction log and regularly review the results of your work

Almost all good traders agree that it is extremely useful to keep a journal of all your trades and learn from past experiences.


Beware of early success

Even with experience, it is difficult to cope with the ups and downs that come along with winning and losing streaks. A lucky trader often unnecessarily increases the size of trade just on the eve of a big losing deal. And although this is difficult, strive to accept losses and winnings impassively.


Have sufficient capital

Inadequate capitalization dooms most of the new businesses, and trading in financial markets is no exception. The lack of sufficient money to trade calls into question every second item on this list.